Best news apps In India.

 There are many people In India who just got addiction with the daily News! they spend their time in watching or listening to news and they are very  eagerly waiting  to known all the things which are happing in In India and all over the world. There many best news apps India which you can find it very easily. The times has gone when we need to wait for newspaper in the early Morning. Thing has been changed In now there many sources from where you will get news. The way reading has been changed you can daily news on your smart phones just need to install different news apps in your smartphones.

There are many apps where you can read or watch it but the main confusion is which one to select But you don’t need to worry In this Article we are going to mention some of the best news apps

Below we have mentioned Article on best news apps India.

  1. Google NewsImage result for Google News

Google News is one of the most famous and known apps which has been placed by Google It self. They have been providing all the latest news so the users always gets all new news On daily basis.

  1. Daily Hunt

Daily hunt is India’s local News app which is Bengaluru based company. This apps also comes under the top 10 news apps in India. they have been captured the Indian market widely.  This mobile app has been the best app for Daily News.

  1. First PostImage result for First Post

First post is an Mumbai based company which has been now famous for its news Postal which has been collecting News and brings to the application. This app is best apps which provide users to go any category of News which they want. You will find all the categories Of New like sports, politic, Entertainment.

  1. News Dog

News is one of the Famous hindi news apps which provide all the news based different categories. They always brings the trending news and some interesting Stories.

We have mentioned some of the best news apps India. I hope you are satisfied with our above written content If yes then make sure you have given your feedback and of more information go to our sites thank you.

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